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SyberVision A Pilots Cockpit

SyberVision™ avionics by Honeywell is onboard every SJ30. Designed to be intelligent in single- or dual-pilot operations, SyberVision™ is sophisticated and intuitive. SyberVision™ features SmartView™ synthetic vision system (SVS),  interactive navigation (INAV™) map displays, electronics charts and maps, a fully functional flight management systems (FMS), unique options which provide new capabilities, and the flexibility to effectively meet new airspace mandates.

SyberVision features: Up to four 12 inch liquid crystal displays and includes as standard SmartView™ synthetic vision system (SVS), INAV™ moving map display system, electronics charts/maps, TCAS II, TAWS Level A, synoptic displays, dual flight management systems (FMS) with dual WAAS GPS/LPV, onboard weather radar, full EICAS, aircraft system commands incorporated into the MFD, electronic checklists, envelope protections, DME, ADS-B Out, and 0.3nm RNP as well as support for FANS-1A, SmartLanding™, SmartTaxi™, SmartRunway™, TOLD, and emergency descent mode, and RVSM operations. Options include; CPDLC, XM weather, IRS, flight data recorder, cockpit voice recorder, dual charts/maps, HF radio, SATCOM, ADS-B In, enhanced vision systems, second MFD, and other customer specified items.

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SyberVision Seeing Through the Clouds

Honeywell's SmartView™ is internationally recognized for its breakthrough flight crew interface technology. It provides pilots with a clear depiction of the terrain and potential obstacles exactly as they would see them looking out the cockpit windscreen, regardless of outside weather conditions. SmartView™ provides the flight crew with information often found in larger jet HUDs, but presented in a traditional head down environment. The new HUD-like symbols include a flight path marker, a path-based flight director runway outline, acceleration cues, zero pitch line and runway lead-in line.

INAV A Pilot's Perspective

Honeywell's patent pending interactive navigation (INAV™) map system enables crews to update and modify flight plans, waypoint lists, and all navigation objects with its patented graphical flight planning capabilities. INAV™ merges navigation and sensor data onto a single display and layers information including terrain, traffic and weather to provide pilots unmatched situational awareness on a single display. Worldwide navigation data includes terrain, airports, airspace, airways, navaids and geopolitical boundaries.

Charts & Maps Paperless Cockpit

SyberVision provides the pilot the availability to view approach/SID/STAR charts directly on the MFD with geo-positioning for the ultimate in situational awareness. Charts are automatically loaded based on FMS data input by the pilot during flight planning.

System Synoptics Intuitive
Control & Sensing

SyberVision provides real-time display of system information is easy to understand synoptic displays. Synoptic displays provide information at a glance that allows the pilot to manage & monitor systems which increase situational awareness of the planes health. Increased understanding of aircraft systems and potential maintenance issues allow for decreased troubleshooting time and improved dispatch ability.


May 1, 2014

SJ30 Production Moves Forward With Syberjet Ground Breaking For SJ30 Aircraft Completion And Delivery Center

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